Services in Miskin Lab

  • Histopathology – Miskin Lab receives about 3500-4000 biopsies in a year. Miskin Lab has become a referral diagnostic centre for cancer diagnosis in Bagalkot district.
  • Cytology – FNAC and exfoliative cytology.
  • Biochemistry – Fully automated Dry Chemistry analyser Vitros 250 instrument is used for conducting routine and special biochemistry tests.
  • Haematology – Horiba’s Yumizen H500 6-part Cell counter is used for automated cell counting. Miskin lab is a centre of blood cancer diagnosis. Bone marrow test facility is available in Miskin Lab, Coagulation assays are done in Miskin Lab.
  • Clinical pathology – Examination of body fluids like CSF, ascetic fluid, pleural fluid, synovial fluid, pericardial fluid and semen analysis is available in Miskin Lab.
  • Microbiology – Bactec alert and Vitek Compact instruments are used for automated Bacterial culture and antibiotic testing.
  • Hormones – VIDAS PC instrument is used for performing automated hormones test by ELFA technique. The hormones that are tested are Thyroid hormones ( T3,FT3,T4,FT4,TSH ). Fertility hormones ( FSH, LH, Prolactin, Progesteron, Oestradiol, Testosterone, AMH ), cortisol.
  • Cancer markers – CA125,CEA, AFP, PSA, beta-hCG, CA19.9 test are done by VIDAS PC instrument using ELFA technology.
  • Hepatitis markers – HAV IgM, HBsAg, HBeAg, Anti-HBcAg IgM, anti-HBsAg total, Anti-HCV total, Anti-HEV IgM test are done by VIDAS PC using ELFA technology.
  • Cardiac muscle injury markers ( for diagnosis of Heart attack ) – CK=MB and Troponin I.
  • PCR tests – MTB, HBV, HCV, HLA B27, HPV, Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, Typhoid, Dengue, Chikungunya.
  • HIV tests – HIV screening tests, HIV Duo test by ELFA, confirmatory test – HIV Western blot test.
  • Diagnosis of autoimmune diseases – ANA screening test by ELISA method, ANA profile ( ANA Blot test ).
  • Semen processing for treatment of infertility by IUI.
  • Pre-insurance and Pre-employment medical check ups.
  • Home visit by Lab technicians for sample collection.
  • Free Blood sugar camp is conducted on 1st day of every month for BPL senior citizens.
  • Free blood group camp is conducted on 7th February every year.

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Sample Collection
  • Near District Hospital, Sector No. 5, Vidyagiri Road Navanagar, Bagalkot-587103
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